Saturday, May 11, 2013

Circle Tag Cartridge: Outside the Box for NSD 2013

The Circle Tag cartridge is the newest addition to the Shape Maker tool.  It's a new product just released in May of 2013.  The cartridge looks like this:

Product Image
The current issue of the May/June mini product catalog shows the tool here in it's standard use as a tag element, punched from paper.  The sample shows the Sporty Paper Stack Pack.  Super cute.

But, there's more the circle tag can do.  Here are just a few ideas.  Invent some more!

The catalog sample shows the circle tag hung over the edge of a piece of paper with the solid circle showing.  Try hanging it over the edge of a paper with the open circle portion showing.  I'm calling this "Tags in Reverse."  I've used the open space to add one letter - written with our dual tip pen in each opening.

Below the Tags in Reverse is a row of "Fold-over Tags."  To make fold over tags, you want to use a double sided paper.  You don't need to use many different papers as I did but you do want the front and back to be different.  Once you punch the tags, fold the solid circle back and overlap it into the open circle of the tag sitting next to it.  Use tape to adhere the solid circles to the border strip thus holding down the open circle without having to add any tape to that skinny portion.

To the right is a vertical border using a technique I'm calling "Tag Links."  This technique doesn't require double sided paper or even different papers.  Each tag gives a little hug to the tag below it by linking the two together.  When you've got them all hooked together you can kind of pick them up like a Barrel of Monkeys (remember that game?)

So... did I start you thinking?  What other things can you do with the Circle Tag cartridge?  Feel free to share your ideas with me!  Happy Scrapping. 

Up next, I have two card designs created with the Seasons Paper pack - stay tuned.

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