Saturday, September 12, 2015

Save Your Photos #12 of 30 - Techno-fruit!

We live in the information age.  It is wonderfully overwhelming.  Yes, that is an oxymoron and I meant it!

I have always loved technology.  The earliest PC in the Smithsonian (A Digital Equipment Corporation machine) is the exact same one I brought home to my apartment to log-in to their intranet (internal network) and work from home on a 96 baud modem or some such - before the world wide web existed.  I have been obsessed with computers and technology ever since.

I also still love non-technological information like newspapers and books.

There is so much information available to us in any one given day that we would not EVER in one single day be able to absorb it all - not even close!!!

As much as I love all of the technology and information I have at my fingertips, it also overwhelms me.  Just to keep up with the daily newspaper (which I still read and love in paper form), magazines, TV news, late night shows, internet news, local newspapers, the mail, social media websites and blogs, ideas on pinterest and ravelry, texts on my cell phone, my paper and phone calendars, etc etc etc is absolutely an impossible task.  This in some ways makes me sad - I'm missing so much! But I also feel overwhelmed... there is too much to know.

I think it's the same with photos - we have cameras and iphones and ipads and PCs, blogs, apps, external hard drives, cloud storage, photo albums, framed prints, digital albums, instagram, twitter, snapchat, facebook, flickr, dropbox, Forever, Mylio, Shutterfly, and on and on and too many more to even mention.  That entire list offers someplace to do something with your photos.

I find that for most people, the whole process is so overwhelming and their photos are backed up and stored and shared and saved and snapped in so many places and on so many devices that it's simply impossible to think about knocking the whole collection into place, to organize it, pare it down, treat it with care, enjoy it, savor it, share it - it's just too much already!!!!! AHHHHHH! Help!

By the time people contact me for help - they are about ready to pull out their hair when they think of their photo collections jumbled all about in their lives.  I get it - I understand - I feel your pain - but mostly I want to help.

I can help you take tiny bites out of all your photo woes until the entire fruit is consumed and you are happy and sated and with a belly full of delicious photo calories...  it was much easier when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits - but our world is more complex now - and I am here to help you sort it all out.  Feeling overwhelmed?  Contact a personal photo organizer today.  Tame your fruit.

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