Sunday, September 20, 2015

Save Your Photos #20 of 30! - Explore Capture Shoot

Explore - Capture - Shoot: It's on my bucket list.

I've never actually sat down to write a bucket list.  I have mixed feelings about it.  If I create a bucket list and then don't complete something on that list do I mark it down as a failure? I'm one of those people who doesn't like to write down goals because I don't want to disappoint myself or others if I don't complete a goal I set.

Just the origin of bucket list makes me feel a little uncomfortable.  I mean - stuff I wanna do before I "kick the bucket" is a bit depressing.  Rather I'd maybe have a "fill my life" list or a "while I live" list but what instead if I had an "explore capture shoot" list?

Explore: Travel - Visit - Go - Adventure - Escape

Capture:  Record, Write, See, Understand, Be part of, Experience, Preserve

Shoot: Photograph, Instagram, YouTube, Storybook, Video, Film

I wanted to be a world traveling, magazine feature article writing, photo journalist.  Really.  That was my original plan when I was just entering college and had decided to major in journalism.  That's not what I ended up doing.  But the idea of that never disappeared.  Maybe it's not too late. Maybe I just have to re-define what that looks like.

What if I were to take a year and spend every day Exploring, Capturing and Shooting... what if those three little words were to be the adventure that carried me off into new directions. How would I carry that out?

... not the same way I imagined as I entered college and not the way I re-imagined it a decade later but maybe in a new way, a 50-something way, an empty-nester social media, self-taught photographer blogger instagrammer way.

This idea has possibilities. I think I will try on this new mantra and see how it could maybe play out in my life - I like these three little words and how they could form a new adventure.

If I were to combine my early photojournalistic dreams, with my current memory preservationist profession and add in the Explore Capture Shoot mantra - drop those all into the same bucket and give it a stir I'm curious to think what that mixture might become.

Explore Capture Shoot...Explore Capture Shoot...Explore Capture Shoot...

I'm going to mull this idea over for a while.

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