Thursday, September 3, 2015

Save Your Photos #3 of 30

In honor of Save Your Photos Day (at the end of this month), Sher Your Scraps Blog and Preservation Pix Photo Organizing Services is sharing a bit of photo encouragement every day in September!

Today's photo encouragement is inspired by this photo:

So often, I don't hear from clients until they are ready to move or downsize. Their photos are scattered all over their homes, residing in drawers, hidden in shoe boxes under the bed, or relegated to bins in the attic.  Clients who are relocating worry about losing or damaging their photos during the move. Clients who are downsizing, often when they hit retirement age, worry about their family members having to organize and identify photos that they leave behind in a jumbled mess.

Photos hold family stories and family history that is begging to be told.  Whether you are the narrator of these photos stories or the relative who would love to hear the stories that the older generation has to tell - don't wait!

Pull out all those boxes and bins and get going!

If it seems too overwhelming and you have no idea where to start, what to do or how to do it, contact a personal photo organizer.  An organizer works with you and your family to help you gather, weed through, identify, categorize, organize and containerize your photos.  They can also assist you with digitizing (scanning print photos), backup and archive systems and creating albums and displays that the entire family can enjoy.

A photo organizer can teach you the safest places to store and share your photos, educate you about cloud storage, help you select and use organizing software and more.  They can provide photo-safe boxes, perfect for long-time preservation of your precious originals, scan print photos to digital format and even tackle your memorabilia and children's art work.

Whether you need the assistance of a professional or you just need tips and advice to get started, contact Preservation Pix (Philadelphia and Baltimore metropolitan areas, remote clients accepted) or contact APPO, the Association of Personal Photo Organizers to locate a photo organizer near you.

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