Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Save Your Photos #15 of 30! - My Smartphone Can Do WHAT?

I'm pretty adept at using the camera on my iphone6 but I wouldn't ever claim to know it all.  There are so many clever people who must spend their entire day just sitting around dreaming up all the cool stuff you can do with a camera phone.  Hopefully someone is paying them for their effort.

Every now again, one of the blogs or news feeds I follow comes up with some hot new features that are buried right inside of my current phone - and probably yours too.  I love to play around with all these new tricks.  In a list of 10 things, there are probably only one or two that really stick in my old brain and that I continue to use repeatedly, but I love reading all there is.

This post, in honor of save your photos day, is JUST FOR FUN... you have this awesome tool - now explore and play with it.  Here are some posts that may just get you going:

1. LIFEBUZZ photo tips.

My favorite are the headphone button selfies.  But the pano tip with the guy changing positions is pretty awesome too.

2. RAD tips to try.

Some of these are a bit over the top - but the trick with the sunglasses is stellar.

3. Smartphone Camera Humor.

This last one is a bit tongue and cheek but it might inspire you to use your phones in ways you've not yet thought of!

I'm sure there are a million more things to explore on your smartphone.  Got something too good not to share - put it in the comments section below!

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