Sunday, September 6, 2015

Save Your Photos #6 of 30!

I have been formally presenting the words above to everyone who would hear me since 2001.

In an effort to assist my french exchange student, Marion, to tell the story of the year she lived with us in the USA, I wanted to help her create a photo album.  I wanted more than just a regular album with photos. I wanted a place where she could tell her stories and include non-photo memorabilia to illustrate everything she experienced while she was here.  In my effort to find just the right materials for her to create such an album I discovered Creative Memories.

Though I found Creative Memories as part of a product search, I was much more influenced by the mission behind their products - encouraging people to create memorable photo albums full of stories.

For 12 years I shared the statement in the photo above with everyone who would listen.  And a lot of people listened.  I cannot count how many people heard what I had to say, took those words to heart and put them into practice.  I have been honored for over a decade to be able to guide, encourage and teach so many people about preserving their photo memories.  My time spent with Creative Memories birthed the eternal Memory Preservationist in me.

Though the original Creative Memories - from whom I quote - has since gone out of business, (a new Creative Memories has taken its place), the act of creating photo albums to preserve, enrich and inspire never did.  Preservation Pix, the business I founded, is a direct result of all I learned to love about helping people preserve their photos and stories.  As a "memory preservationist" or "photo solutions specialist" I was practicing the duties of what the industry now refers to as a personal photo organizer.  Today - as this industry has expanded, I offer a great deal more services than I did in 2001 but ultimately the core mission of my job is still the same.

Every day - with every client - I still get to help people preserve, enrich and inspire.  And I couldn't be happier doing it.

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