Monday, September 21, 2015

Save Your Photos #21 of 30! Building Bridges with Photos!

Today begins a personal photo history venture.  Practice what you preach right? I've spent 20 days encouraging the wider world of readers to preserve and protect their family photo history and memorabilia...this week I will follow my own advice.

I have traveled from my home in Philadelphia to my aunt's "old Kentucky home" in Louisville - a trek I have made several times before to assist in documenting our family history.  This trip marks the culmination of a six year adventure in which my aunt and I have complied a priceless family photo album.  It could not have been completed if my own grandmother had not tirelessly photographed and labeled so many bits and pieces of her life and then wrote a book that detailed all the minutia of her personal family history.

I have traveled hundreds of miles to help digitize this family treasure so that it can be duplicated and shared with our entire family.  We will also save each individual element in the album in a photo archive to be shared and available to all of our generations from now until forever.

Stay tuned for snippets of this preservation adventure.

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