Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Save Your Photos Day Post #2 of 30

In honor of Save Your Photos Day at the end of the month, find a little photo inspiration below.

So often, parents who never owned a film camera and who raised (are raising) their children entirely in this digital age, find that they don't have a single photograph of their kids in print form. Their kids photos can be found all over facebook and instagram, they have tweeted and snap chatted baby fingers and toes all over cyberspace, but those babies photos mostly live INSIDE some piece of technology.

In my job as a photo organizer, I often get panicked calls from parents who need photos of their kids for school projects and they have no idea how to send a print copy into the classroom.  Or, parents realize their photos are trapped on websites like Shutterfly or Snap Fish that promise to store all their photos but aren't so friendly when it comes to getting them back into said parents' possession.  Sometimes worried mom's tell me their photos are stored on so many different websites that they have no idea how to find and gather them all.

Digital cameras, and now phone cameras make snapping photos of baby's every moment a real breeze, but gathering up those photos and corralling them into a structure that one can manage mean sometimes relying on some of our old photo tricks from the past.

Don't trap your babies inside jpg files - print photos, frame photos, decorate  your house with those chubby cheeks and smiling faces.  Make an album and print it!  You'll love how easy it is to enjoy all those fabulous pictures you took right from a digital photo book.  Go old school! PRINT.

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