Monday, September 7, 2015

Sher Your Scraps #7 of 30!

The multitude of ways we share photos these days is mind boggling.  All judgement aside, it's a pretty wow-ing idea if you sit and think about everything we do with social media these days.  Can we even remember back to the days when social media photo sharing didn't exist? I'm over 50 and it's even hard for an old gal like me to remember when it wasn't a thing.

The downside - or upside depending on how you look at it - of sharing photos this way is both their possible permanence in the foreverland of the internet or their disappearance completely from our lives.  

My husband cannot understand the infatuation with SNAPCHAT because the photo disappears.  Unless someone screen captures it on a phone or computer while viewing - it goes away.  Two of my kids on the otherhand love the lack of permanence that SNAPCHAT brings them.  Plus it's an app that parents haven't taken over from the younger generation - yet. HAHAHA  Some of us can't stand the idea that our photos would disappear, others love it.

All that said, one thing to consider about sharing photos on social websites are the possible safety and privacy issues associated with posting your lovely mug (and those of your relatives) all over the world wide web.  Be aware of your rights to your photos once posted - each site is different.  Each site is goverened by their own set of rules about how they can use your photos- some of those policies are affected by privacy settings that they allow you to set - others don't give you any options to put stricter policies in effect.  You should however, at least be aware of such rules before you post - and be consigned to the strings that may come attached with photo-sharing social media and websites.

Until then, I'm taking your best long before Facebook hits 10 billion uploads a month?

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