Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Save Your Photos #9 of 30!

How often have you used your phone camera to snap a bit of information?  I do it all the time.  I take photos of wine bottle labels and beers that I want to remember once I realize I love the taste of some new brew I've tried. I snap photos of clothes or product labels to remember them for style or price.  I photograph signs - on the street, in museums, on historic buildings etc.. so I can remember what I heard, learned or saw.

These INFO photos get deleted if they were meant to be temporary informational bits but often they get cataloged along with the rest of my photos and even added to albums if they assist in the storytelling process, or offer unique details.

I've taken these "informational photos" throughout my life and especially when traveling. I even took information photos with my "regular camera" and yes, I developed the pictures, and added them to albums and journals.  

However, in places I wouldn't necessarily carry my DSLR (like a dinner table, a dressing room or a store), I almost ALWAYS have my iphone.  Not having to keep all the details of my travels or shopping in my head, frees me from the minutiae I used to attempt to stuff into my brain.  I no longer have to lug home heavy and voluminous paper travel guides and brochures that I hauled around when I traveled just so I could bring them home and cut them apart to add to a scrapbook or re-read to remind myself of details of my trip I'd forgotten..

The save button icon I added to the quote depicts my immediate reaction to the sentiment in the picture above -  that a picture can preserve information that used to only be included in text documents.  Now my photos serve to capture both documents (text) and images... and both can be valuable.

Remember to choose a safe service to which your phone photos can be constantly backed up into a cloud service, especially when traveling.  If your phone is lost or stolen or falls in a lake or something, at least the memories will remain in the world wide web.

Need to learn more about how to select a cloud service so your phone photos will automatically backup without you having to do anything?  Contact a personal photo organizer.

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