Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Save Your Photos #16 of 30! Have you asked for the memories?

One of the best ways to capture your family memories is to ask someone in an older generation to tell you stories.  Use photos as prompts.  Ask who, what, why, where and when.  Encourage storytelling. Record what is said.

Take notes - write down the memories you wish to save and add them to the back of a photo or into a photo album or document them and store them along with your photos in a digital cloud storage.

Audio Record - make a voice recording of the memories that are told by your relative have it transcribed.

Video Record - make a digital recording of the memories being related to you by your relative.  Transcribe the audio and preserve and archive the video.

If you are not nearby and cannot personally record the memories and stories told by your relative consider writing a list of questions and have the relative write, type, or verbally detail the answers to someone who can make sure the answers get recorded.

Use a soft stabilo pencil to write the basic details on the backs of photos that relatives can still identify.

Bring photos and memorabilia to a family reunion and ask relatives to identify anyone they know and to relate stories about family history.  Gauge the interest level of specific relatives who might have knowledge, stories or information about photos and previous generations - talk to them about helping you to preserve the knowledge they hold.

Consider hiring a personal historian or genealogist to help you hunt down the information and stories about your family memories.

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