Sunday, September 13, 2015

Save Your Photos #13 of 30! - Your own font!

So often when working with collections of old memorabilia, items are most precious when they contain a relative's original handwriting.

Handwriting one's thoughts and memories is often replaced by computer typing in our current digital age.  Take a little time to use a pen and paper.  Scan your original penmanship - it will be a treasure for your future generations.

I used to ask my clients which letters they opened first when they would bring in the mail, the typewritten label or the handwritten card...

I used to ask my clients why they'd keep the recipe card written by their great grandmothers and covered with the splatters and splotches from her kitchen rather than re-type it so it's fresh and new and easier to read.

There is just something about an item penned in an original hand.

Get writing! (use cursive, apparently it's a dying art).

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