Friday, September 4, 2015

Save Your Photos #4 of 30

Getting your photo collection under control can seem like an overwhelming process.  Start with a master plan.  A personal photo organizer can help you to create a master plan that you can work from.  Any good plan can be broken down into steps. Decide which steps you plan to tackle personally, or work together with a photo organizers.  If you would rather offer direction and have someone else do the work, a photo organizer can take the entire job off your hands.

As a photo organizer, when I work with clients to help them organize print photos or present them with an organized photo box full of their memories or a custom designed photo album, they are often so happy they cry!

Photos invoke powerful memories of family, friends, events, etc... 

Clients have called me letting me know they are losing sleep because their photos are so scattered they don't know what to do.  Helping them bring control the chaos and to get their photo collection into order allows them not only peace of mind and restful nights, but also joy from seeing photos that were so long hidden away.

Want to get started putting your photos in order? Hire a personal photo organizer  Work one-on-one with an organizer so you have someone to guide you while you are working.  Or, hire the organizer to complete the steps in the that you don't feel comfortable doing yourself.

When you see one of your kids grabbing a photo album and sitting down with it, pointing at photos, re-living memories and laughing at childhood antics, you will be glad you took the steps to preserve your memories.  I'm not saying it will be easy, but it will DEFINITELY be worth it.

Need help finding an organizer in your area, consult the Association of Personal Photo Organizers.  If you are in the Baltimore or Philadelphia areas, contact Preservation Pix.

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