Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Save Your Photos #30 of 30!

Well, here it is the last day of September.

I have managed to share a bit of photo inspiration every day for the entire month of September.  I have no idea of the effectiveness of this effort.  I will hope that if my posts reached even ONE person who was helped or inspired to preserve their family photos then my job is well rewarded.  Who knows how many people for how many generations going forward will be impacted by that one person delving into their family photos.

Further, because of my effort, I have spurred myself to get a bit more of my own family's photo history preserved.  Although I am a photo organizer, and well on my way to being in good shape with my own family photos - I consider myself, and my other family members far from photo perfection.

So today's mantras are:

Photo Preservation progress is as important as Photo Preservation perfection.


Begin Preserving your Family Photos NOW and you will never be any further behind than you are today.

Here is my final bit of photo inspiration.  Please share all of my posts with anyone who you think needs a little nudge to get their family photo collection preserved for a lifetime of memories.

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